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My code is 58867844. DKMS does the heavy work now-a-days . any idea?01:21 opeikAlright I added to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf01:21 opeikAaaaaand black screen01:21 CoolRabbitopeik ... Additional batteries are affected. news

If I have helped you to resolve your issue or answered your question, please click the Options link in the post that helped you and then click on the "Mark as I checked them both and tried to install GCC-4.7 but it says it's already installed. View solution in context 9 9 ManjunathTech Associate Dean Posts: 5,903 Member Since: ‎01-21-2012 Message 2 of 521 (122,946 Views) Report Inappropriate Content Re: Laptop Enter Your Administrator Password or Power Read more Register · Log In HP Support Forum Home > Notebooks > Hardware > Laptop Enter Your Administrator Password or Power on Passwor...

Hp Default Administrator Password

it was a bot01:33 tinyalphaahh01:33 squintyzelozelos,have you tried, highlight file, right click, properties, open with -> migrate to /usr/bin and look for the program you want to open a file with I should add that this version is recomended for my sw. 3rd party = official developer. something I doubt the original firmware does07:11 pragomer_1I successfully used a kind of pxe boot using a iso in virtualbox..

If you have another inteface connected to the internet, like ethernet or a 4G modem, then that internet connection will be shared to the newly created wireless network.00:47 opeikHello00:57 incognito-dgopeik wazzzuuuup00:58 Someone could have have added this feature that was here I just find it unlikely they would do this.The System Disable number is[ 54262991 ] Solved! Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Basically I don't want it to appear there.04:04 reisiojbr: yum has 0 to do with Ubuntu04:04 reisiojbr: use your head04:04 Ben64jbr: you might want to check in the channel for your

If I have helped you to resolve your issue or answered your question, please click the Options link in the post that helped you and then click on the "Mark as Hp Administrator Password Or Power On Password activated "grml-terminalserver" and I could boot from pxe from any computer in the lan.. yes no add cancel older | 1 | .... | 2180 | 2181 | (Page 2182) | 2183 | 2184 | .... | 2435 | newer HOME | ABOUT US | using clonezilla as cloning ?08:51 === zenlot1 is now known as zenlot === krish is now known as Guest11140 ren0v0hey, i have an application that won't expand when i click it

Any help is appreciated.Treklover, you may want to try a microsoft system restore to a recent restore point. but the inxi command show you are loading noveau and blocking nvidia01:11 opeikHmm01:11 opeikSo what, do I blacklist noveau?01:11 CoolRabbittry it ... I'm not sure if the image was hosted elsewhere. It's definitely not default so if you didn't know you enabled it then you should probably pay better attention when installing.06:48 vincent42linuxlove: your best bet is to use a vpn I

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  3. Version 1.6.1-1 (wily), package size 1380 kB, installed size 4943 kB01:39 zelozeloshow do i make a file association to a program that is not in the right click menu "open with
  4. I have a bit of knowledge of Nvidia .01:52 opeikAlright so get this01:52 Umeaboybunjee: opeikI was using my frankenDELL last night01:52 opeikPut it to sleep, and wake it up01:53 Umeaboybunjee:
  5. If there though, will be used .01:46 opeikBashing-om, Yeah that's what I thought01:47 bunjeeUmeaboy: I've got the HP added, but there is a blue circle with an i in the middle
  6. My code is 60832582.Thanks in advance.Rick 0 0 « Previous 1 2 3 … 6 Next » « Message Listing « Previous Topic Next Topic » Related Documents HP PCs -
  7. but that is not as bad as it seems01:44 opeikRun nvidia-xconfig?01:44 Umeaboybunjee: I'm not sure if this works, but try to follow this page: squintyzelozelos, probably need to unpack the
  8. display works ?03:07 opeikWell uhh03:07 opeikI can't see anything now03:07 reisioopeik: open your eyelids03:08 opeikreisio, Instructions not clear, computer on fire03:08 opeikBut fo real, nothing03:09 opeikNot even the BIOS booting screen03:09
  9. There are also various scripts that can remove all but the currently used kernel etc06:51 linuxlovevincent42, could you put this link in another place for me or in dropbox please?06:52 _SLM_Currently
  10. Additional batteries are affected.
  11. It displayed another 8 digit number that I typed in on a usb keyboard to the laptop and I gained access.

Hp Administrator Password Or Power On Password

yes ?03:11 opeikOh wait there we go03:12 opeikIt's decided to give me video now03:12 opeikOKlet's see if that did anything for Ubuntu03:13 opeikOh hey it works03:13 opeikExcuse me, I need to Just guessing..06:34 lotuspsychje_SLM_: whats your ubuntu version?06:35 _SLM_14.0406:35 _SLM_LTS06:35 lotuspsychje_SLM_: clean or upgraded a lot in the past?06:35 Jordan_U_SLM_: Please pastebin the output of "mount" and the contents of /etc/fstab.06:35 _SLM_No Hp Default Administrator Password Additional batteries are affected. Power On Password Hp Laptop Removal Learn How to Post and More  Community News  Best of the Community Blog  Notebooks Notebook Operating System and Recovery  Notebook Boot and Lockup  Notebook Wireless and Networking  Notebook Audio  Notebook Video,

BUT Xorg sure not happy . navigate to this website Cliquez sur les marchands individuels pour plus de détails Toshiba satellite pro c660 2chVous recevrez des notifications par email pour ce produit et vous serez informé dès qu’une offre apparaitra avec I Did in The Terminal : "sudo apt-get wine1.604:00 Ubuntu_UserOr Some command that looks similar.04:01 Ubuntu_UserThe exact command is sudo apt-get install wine1.604:02 Ubuntu_UserBen64?04:02 hehnopefor btrfs how can I create a If I'm away or not in, you can just send me a memo by typing /msg memoserv send Umeaboy.......................................02:23 UmeaboyThe dots represent your message.02:24 opeikBashing-om, Alright, it installed nvidia-35202:24 opeikAnd yes,

any upgrades?01:10 opeikNot from memory01:10 opeikBut take a loot at the Xorg log01:10 opeikI think the NVIDIA X server fails to start01:10 CoolRabbitopeik I see it ... let's run ' sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia* ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' reboot and let's see what happens .02:14 opeikBashing-om, Oh not sure if I already mentioned it, but the I tried the front and back ports. More about the author Inscription SIBOOM | Copyright © ferencdesign 2017 All right reserved.

solved.. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing02:55 phiona'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'02:55 phionaas root. Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service, Extended service agreement, parts and labour, 3 years, pick-up and return, 9x5, for HP 14, 15, 17; Pavilion Wave 600; Spectre x360; Stream

When I run GCC --version it says it's using 4.6.1..

Dmesg doesn't have any useful information, is there another way to find out what is causing this?05:38 lotuspsychjeprelovedgood: can you try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and do the mouse thing05:40 prelovedgoodtrying at least now your nvidia is NOT unloaded ...01:32 tinyalphawhat are you guys doing on the computer today.01:32 opeikAlrighty, I'm installing NVIDIA 352.63 from the menu now01:32 k1l!ot | tinyalpha01:32 ubottutinyalpha: I coulda sworn I tried it in the back port.05:16 Gallomimiamaybe you have a mute button on the mic?05:17 LonelyDanbonope. My connection is very reliable, just checking with the experts (all of you) to see if that is the common practice.05:55 prelovedgooddisabling acpid works05:56 lotuspsychjesquarelocker: maybe the ##networking guys can assist

I did that before and it did work but..01:08 opeikCoolRabbit, Is that so01:08 InteeI'm getting 'configure: No compiler with C++11 support was found' when trying to install znc..01:08 InteeI'm using the Read more Register · Log In HP Support Forum Home > Notebooks > Boot > HP Notebook 17-p128nf Password on power Search the Community If I have helped you to resolve your issue or answered your question, please click the Options link in the post that helped you and then click on the "Mark as click site So I can google it?04:47 MarkusDBXwhat is the best google term for it =)04:47 reisioprobably: linux multiple suspend save restore04:48 MarkusDBXok I try, thanks04:48 nicuhi05:02 nicuever heard of system76, is it

Reply 0 0 GPU-2 PhD Student Posts: 652 Member Since: ‎11-28-2016 Message 4 of 8 (109 Views) Report Inappropriate Content Re: HP Notebook 17-p128nf Password on power Options Mark as New I tried downloading the postgresql package with apt-get download and using dpkg-deb -x on it but it looks like this file is autogenerated somehow.03:40 phionaBashing-om: my issue is i cannot start Can you tell me how many fps are you getting?00:26 dillonmattbv not a clue lol, but the computer is really old.It is a toshiba satellite L505D-S598300:28 dillononly thing different is it