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High Early Failure Rate Toshiba HD


This 'time-in-service' currently outweighs the sheer quantity of Seagate 4 TB drives we have purchased and placed into service the last year or so," BlackBlaze notes.If looking at all hard drives If you crack one open, you're likely to find a drive listed above. Even the sample size difference between HGST and Seagate of 36% is enough to question the actual results. 3) Using power on hours as a reliability metric(yes the drives are warrantied All the hard drives in this review are used in the production systems in our datacenter. have a peek at this web-site

I have three… I'm very nervous now… YevP Hi Michele! DARi0 Thank you for bothering to reply. As in you bought a computer that's double the price of a regular laptop because of the harddrive? I just dropped two brand new 1TB drives into my box.

Hard Drive Failure Rates By Brand

The drive location designator can be sda, sdb through sdat: 46 designations consisting of 1 boot drive and 45 data drives. runninron69 Right on with the shipping comment. That means he has a LOT of personal experience to draw from. We did manage to buy 450 Western Digital 6TB drives that currently have a 6.2% failure rate over the 8 months they’ve been in service, but their failure rate has fluctuated

  • Hitachi have always been good for us too.
  • It seems, that using HDDs in a desktop environment leads to much diffferent failure patterns thn in these Disk pods with 45 HDDs each and that you should not rely on
  • Daniel Shepherd Both of my samsung HD have died with in 2 years (Also everything samsung i have had only lasts 2 years from my TV and 2 monitors lol.
  • Microsoft will no longer be supporting older Windows on newer processors.
  • Old X25-M is rock solid (its on the laptop I'm typing with right now), I have data center Intel SSDs I buy used off ebay.
  • Every Seagate hard drive I have ever owned has failed (never bought one but they come in devices that I have bought).
  • I have watched 3 seagates die and take data with them, I have never seen a WD Fail.

As for western digital i lost 2 with in a year and they were the 3tb ones. There are 48,041 4TB drives which means each drive on average had 503 drive days of service, or 1.38 years. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Popular PostsNetflix proxy error Fix - Here are 6 VPNs that still work in 2017January 10, 2017 / by Paul BischoffHow to Most Reliable Hard Drive Brand As Kant mentioned, the Authorised Service providers and the Original service providers do inform HP about abnormal failures.

Mark They do eventually. Asok Asus Indeed. Nope, when it comes to my data, it's best to keep it offline. Our environment is cool with failure, so we want those drives to live for as long as possible.

Well, it looks like it has been a year and we have updated stats that says that Seagate is improving. Hgst External Hard Drive I'll give Seagate another try then. The store has NO internal 5tb drives! Five 1TB platters.

Hgst Hard Drive

There are a few points about this data set. 1) Unfair comparison of Seagate desktop hard disk drives to HGST enterprise class HDDS 2) No real conclusion can be made in But you also have to consider the cost of their drives, which I've occasionally seen at 50% less per GB compared to WD and Hitachi. Hard Drive Failure Rates By Brand Biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned. Most Reliable Portable Hard Drive HenkPoley Did you know that Backblaze offers a backup service? ;) 3ogdy Oh great!

Workload is more important then if your drive runs 24/7. Check This Out Reuben Rushton-Taylor Unfortunately Seagate own lacie so they have to use their high failure drives. The one missing brand: Toshiba. My case is off to the side in an isolated, but well ventilated area. Most Reliable External Hard Drive 2016

BDK Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives are extremely reliable. Milk Manson SSD much not reliable. I think it has potential to be a great service to the world of hard drive buyers! Source About Us Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cookies policy Advertise with us © Future US, Inc.

Let me connect the dots for you. Hgst Hdd Automatic backup. Failure rates with a small number of failures can be misleading.

I always thought SSD's were much more reliable drives… Adam Adamname You keep using the apostrophe incorrectly.

The best practice is to regularly back up your drives to a separate location, either a physical drive or the cloud.For most of your media files-documents, pictures, videos, downloads, etc-a standard I can't speak for any of their other drives but I know Toshiba will never be in my house again. I didn't bother replacing under warranty. Hds5c404ale630 davidl1 You are misssing the point.

jefflass Why weren't LaCie drives included in the analysis? Our Hitachi HDD's on the other hand have out lasted all others including WD, Seagatge and lastly Toshiba. If you get your hands on enough drives, eventually you will loose one, its like a crappy lottery, but its a precision mechanical device, it WILL fail at some point. OF 9 - 7 failed - I'd say your percentages of failure rate for the Toshiba DT01ACA series are just a tad off from real world failure rates.

Brought right away to a professional service store, the only possible outcome was to pay 250 US $ for data rescue. oh oh cue star wars music… Damon Oh yea, gotta love the old Hitachi DeathStars. I recently did a search/writeup for myself untangling the hitachi/hgst/toshiba drives for the last few years. I've gone away from IBMHitachi back in the day because they all failed.

YevP Correct! While 3K drives is a nice sample size it stands starkly in contrast to the roughly 13K drive sample size for Seagate/Hitachi. If your hard drive fails, just swap in the cloned drive and you'll be back up and running as if nothing ever happened, albeit back in time to the point when I guess, that in the disk pods, vibration is more of a problem and in desktop environments, cooling is more of a problem, because these pods seem to have enough airflow