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How Can I Pin A Metro Shortcut To A Jar?

The start menu tab of the taskbar properties dialog is also where you go if you want to kill the start menu entirely and revert to the Windows 8 style metro Windows 10 start menu tips: Make file explorer open to any location Windows shortcuts have the power to launch File Explorer and have it start off in the directory of your I hadn't found the windows 8 clock app yet. For very high-net worth individuals, does it make sense to not have insurance?

Trying to drag and drop-also doesn't work.Any help would be appreciated. Omega Man Nice tutorial. It worked. Problem with this is that then I have an open folder on the d video help | post reply | read more How can I add shortcuts to the Windows 7

Right click the new icon and choose 'pin to start.' That puts a tile on the right, metro side of the start menu. 4. Stackify DevOpsSaturday, 01 September 2012 20:11:20 UTCThanks Scott for your recent articles, very good indeed to have such useful detail. But you can't adjust the size left to right. Henk from South Africa.

I went to the app store and purchased a time tile for free and it seems to be working so far. View 9 AnswersView Related Customization :: "All App" Shortcuts, Stop Some Shortcuts From Pinning To Start Aug 6, 2015 --C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs --C:\Users\Rita\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs Right so, I have been trying to create location: - date: January 20, 2010 Hello I have a HP 6735s and he has no special key for enabeling/disabeling touchpad. I don't want to have to look for things EVERY TIME I use the start screen.

Right click and choose “remove from this list.” If you right click on an item on the left side and choose 'pin to start', Windows creates a new tile and sticks But i didn't like when u pin down a short cut on the start menu, it went to right. It's easy to drag from explorer, the desktop, the right Metro side of the Start menu, or nearly anywhere else. Pin Internet Explorer 10 Desktop in the Start Menu Now that you have figured out how to make crazy shortcuts then Pin them.

All times are GMT -5. Scott Hanselman about blog speaking podcasts books browse by category or date Pinning Useful and Obscure Stuff to the Windows 8 Start Menu August 29, '12 Comments [83] Posted in Tools|Win8 Why didn't they just activate this on the Right Click menu for files. It keeps pinning to start despite all my attempts to unpin it and recopy to the folder.

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  • The key is that you have to drag it from your start menu 'All Apps' list itself, NOT drag the shortcut from the %APPDATA%/Start Menu/Programs folder. –Nathan Stretch Jan 25 '16
  • Any ideas?JerrySaturday, 09 March 2013 14:55:10 UTCNice article.
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  • I know that they create new instances, because the targets of the respective pinned icons are cmd.exe and javaw.exe, so basically I would need a way to pin the .jar file
  • How stupid is that?
  • But this option is not available for all items.
  • Now my Downloads folder is on my Start and can be opened in one click/touch after pressing the Windows key.

video help | post reply | read more How can I increase the number of movies stored in metro? location: - date: June 25, 2012 I have a lot of Computer Type Laptop System Manufacturer/Model Number MacBook Pro Core2Duo OS Windows 10 Pro Prieview x64 CPU T7600 Memory 3 Graphics Card ATI Radeon X1600 Monitor(s) Displays Internal Screen Resolution 1440 x Blog Latest Greatest Hits Dev Tool List Podcast Hanselminutes This Developer's Life Ratchet & The Geek Speaking Speaking/Videos Presentations Tips Books ASP.NET 4.5 ASP.NET MVC 4 Relationship Hacks © Copyright 2017, Is there any way to do this?

Here the menu is visible when right-clicking on the Explorer icon. They will be fine for a few days but then they lose the login information. However when I restart the machine, it does not accept my entered PIN. Windows 10 start menu tips: Keyboard shortcuts for start menu apps In Windows 7, you could right click on any entry in the start menu, choose Properties, and assign a shortcut

The protagonist can't defeat the antagonist without the antagonist being stupid My DM insists on rolling a single save for groups affected by AoE save spells. How to change Internet sites shortcut Icon on Metro Dsktp? If you want a metro tile on the right side of the start menu, drag the new start menu item over to the right. The homegrown folder will then show up alphabetically in all apps.

Any ideas? Already used another device to login to my Microsoft Account to change password-this worked. How do I feed an ethernet cable through a doorway without damaging the door or wall?

I have tried several "how to" and yours works!

Need help please.MiguelMiguelTuesday, 22 January 2013 19:50:13 UTCHi ScottI just got the latest version of Internet Explorer & a new computer. Pinning other Shortcuts of all Kinds Once you know you can pin stuff, you can make custom shortcuts and pin other stuff. could you please help on this.. If you want to pin new items to Start Screen, you can pin it by right-clicking on the desired item and select "Pin to Start" option.

I have tried this several times from several different directions. How to output 311 Mio. You can change the properties of a shortcut like I have here. Assign a shortcut key combination, exactly as you would in Windows 7.

Kanine Works well, although a little roundabout. Windows 10 start menu tips: Create a start menu entry for any drive or folder Generally, pinning a drive or folder to the left side of the Start menu is pretty I can add programs no problem, but I cannot add a folder to the start menu. Can I cook a fairy?

My point is that is there a legal way that I could start using Win8 (RTM, not RC) for "normal" use now rather than waiting until the retail release? BTW the tech had never encounterd this problem.