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How Can I Search Window Mail App In Windows 8.1?

From my experience over the past couple of days, search on Windows 8.1 seems to be even worse than on Windows 8. Login or register to post comments Prisilia on Nov 14, 2013 @ Four2Seven I have Wise Registry Cleaner. And third, the search results are interactive and can link you to additional content that is found in various apps as well as on the web. Looking at the following screenshot, we type “st” and Search automatically auto-fills in the closest results.

OS WINDOWS 8 Quote 13 Nov 2013 #2 strollin View Profile View Forum Posts Old Guys Rule! File properties are comprised of things such as the size of a file, the date it was created/modified, tags that have been attributed to it, and other things that tell us How to Use Advanced Query Syntax to Find Stuff We want to spend some time talking about Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) because even if you have no idea what that is, Two clicks are now required to switch from one e-mail account to another.

Thank you, Tina Login or register to post comments Please Log In or Register to post comments. window 8 mail in Browsers & Mail I have 3 email accounts and on windows 8 when I use the mail icon it half the time will only show 1 account. Second, this is simple...

Unfortunately, I have no registry backup, so I have to find the registry entry in a virtual machine. How? This problem disappeared after a couple of restarts... Instead, you could use another mail program e.g.

That being said, I have yet to figure out how to make it search my email (Outlook or Windows Mail). Figure B   By default, Search is set to Everywhere, but you can narrow the scope. Click on any of these to see a list of messages in the middle column. In fact, this can be accomplished by clicking "More," right-clicking on a folder and clicking "Add to Favorites." Thanks to Jonathan Guerin and JButler for pointing out the mistake.) The application also

Login or register to post comments Four2Seven on Nov 14, 2013 @ Prisilia Did you run a registry cleaner? How on earth do you do that in win8 search?. This kind of search sounds like a great idea in theory—and, yes, some will miss it now that it's gone—but as Microsoft found early with Windows Phone, in practice it's just You select that and the search is within mail.

I initially looked for search in the bar that pops up from the bottom edge, whatever that is called, 'menu'?, but nope, it's an option in the search charm. Conclusion Search is, and should be a more prominent part of the Windows experience. Login or register to post comments stevecohen on Nov 20, 2013 Can you please send the fix to me also [email protected] Thanks Steve Login or register to post comments axxnexus on In a virtual machine with a clean installation of Windows 10, e-mail has reliably showed up in the operating system’s “Action Center,” which you have to click on to reveal recent

Windows 8 Mail works with IMAP and EAS. navigate here When I try to search Files, it doesn't work!! Sadly, while it’s good that this feature now exists on Windows, it’s still got a lot of growing up to do. You can choose whether you want to receive calls during quiet hours or turn that option off.

And this time around the choices are quite different: Everywhere, Settings, Files, Web images and Web videos. As we said, search is everywhere in Windows and it is very easy to use but you can take it even further with Advanced Query Syntax. Whereas People in Windows 8.1 made it easy to integrate Facebook and Twitter updates with your contacts, People in Windows 10 simply provides the option in Settings to "Get social apps." When Check This Out The first one is “Folder Options.” Let’s first check out the “Search” tab.

If I go back sometime later the 3 will show up. Login or register to post comments CSF90 on Oct 1, 2013 Windows 8.1 search is even worse than Windows 8 for me - why do standard search terms for Control Panel-related Scrolling off the right edge are a ton of web links, including separate areas for images, videos, related searches and more.

You must first know where the control panel is, so you must click on settings, then it will finaly find control panel.

If you do decide to leave notifications disabled, you can set them to only appear during certain hours. “Quiet hours” meaning that you won’t be disturbed if you have them turned But you can still filter the search if you want, using a new drop-down menu. It just sucks. N.

This text will then be automatically inserted at the end of all messages you send.       How to reply to an email    Step 1: To reply to a But, if you’re stuck in an airport without a mouse and keyboard, it will have some usefulness if you have good apps to share with. The account selection screen lets you add, Exchange, Office 365, Google, and iCloud accounts, but not Facebook or Twitter. The basic three-column view is similar to previous versions, but more options are visible instead of being hidden behind touch gestures and mouse clicks.

Login or register to post comments GoodThings2Life on Sep 27, 2013 I must be in the minority that likes this approach better while still wishing for just a smidge of the Calendar gets a clear upgrade; People strips out social networks The Calendar app is in good shape.