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How Do I Set Up My E Mail So I Can Attach Pix From "photos"


Select Attach File. Make sure that the file being sent is not open, write in the destination address and body, and then click Send Now or Send Later. And thanks for the "Export" option---I hadn't thought of that. Ironically, just before I installed the new OS X 10.3.3 this afternoon, I got a 365-ish Mb Microsoft download of the latest version of Office 2011.

My experience with my first attempt to share a photo via Outlook matched yours precisely. I have no idea if it was the 10.3.3 Photos or MS Office download that "broke" the "Share" functionality that we had with iPhoto and Outlook, but here's hoping it gets I upgraded to Windows 10 and had other problems ie printing out photos but that has been resolved. Attaching files to an e-mail Log into your Hotmail or Outlook account at

How To Attach Photos To Email On Mac

Wow am I confused. It's all free! As an attachment: This option makes it easier for the other person to download or share your photos.

  • Oddly though, I have been able to select a Photos picture, then go to the Share icon or right-click the option, then select the "Messages" option, and can successfully attach and
  • In the bottom of the window that appears, select the paperclip icon as shown in the image below.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Attaching files to a Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail Open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • account at
  • You can not post a blank message.
  • Note: To remove an attached file, select Detach File, then the file you want to detach, and then Detach.
  • This is how it would appear in many programs - then you would need to scroll around to see the entire photo.
  • This is a lot easier to send as attachments.

Click Compose in the top left-hand corner. Privacy statement  © 2017 Microsoft. Then they wonder why they are frustrated when looking for photos and trying to do fun projects with them! How To Email Photos From Apple Photos Thanks for any assistance.

All my files are safe and secure and I have never had any problems with them. How To Email Photos From Mac Photos Hope this helps. It has an 18 megapixels sensor which produces pictures 5184×3456 pixels…that's huge!. What really needs to be happened is to have Outlook (or Photos, or both) updated to ensure the Share Photos to Outlook email functionality works exactly as it did in iPhoto.

Select the file you'd like to attach. Email From Apple Photos It's like having me directly work with you as you organize your photos. “Your simple, personalized approach is ideal not only for the beginner, but also for advanced amateurs. I don't understand". Now for some reason I cann't get my list, I have to go to me e mail..copy them and then type it in. ???????

How To Email Photos From Mac Photos

Was this page useful? Click on the "Home" tab and locate the Share section. How To Attach Photos To Email On Mac You simply select the photo (or photos) you want to send, click the email button, and Picasa does all the rest. How To Attach Multiple Photos To Email On Mac Step 3.

The knowledge on here is amazing and very helpful, but for some reason on this one, nuttin'.....If I figure out the solution, I will also post it here. After you've selected your files, click Open. I was initially concerned as I have a 27" iMac dating back to mid-2011, and thought it could be a vintage issue; however since your Mac is bright and shiny new, Email Email marketing powered by dotMailer Read next... Best Way To Email Photos On A Mac

To send large attachments, you can use Gmail to insert from Google Drive instead. However, when I reduce the same pictures to 900x600px to used them for my travel blog ( the same pictures get reduced to between 140 Kb and 380Kb in size. Select the "Outgoing server requires authentication" if required. this contact form Then pick the appropriate "Info' and "File Naming" options, and click the "Export" button.

I have not had any problems with emailing multiple pictures with Picasa. How To Send Pictures On Mac Imessage It gets very tedious very fast…so it's a lot easier to send the pictures full resolution. However, if you don't reduce your image files sizes, most likely this will pass well over 20Mb and most email programs will not allow this large size to be sent.

Once they're selected, go to the Photos > File drop-down menu, then select the "Export" option.

Apple Mail Open the Apple Mail program on your desktop computer, laptop computer, or mobile device. Huh???? The reason it is difficult is pretty simple: in order to be able to send pictures by email you have to reduce their size and add them as attachments to the How To Send Multiple Photos By Email On Mac Got a question?Click here to ask our online community and tutors.

The basic rule for printing is that a commercial printer prints at 300 DPI…so a 4×6 photo needs a minimum resolution of 1200×1800 to get a good print. My wonderful, easy to use version got updated by an idiot and the version I have now doesn't have it )-: Reply Vlad July 3, 2016 at 9:49 pm Jeri-Anne…You should Thanks again, and take care. I also discovered that I can't even click and drag a photo out of Photos and into an email.

I've never seen (or noticed) this Media Browser before, so this is the first time I've ever clicked on it. To attach multiple files, hold the Ctrl (PC) or ⌘ (Mac) key while selecting your files. Gmail is free and easy – and you know it will work well with Picasa since it is also part of the Google family of software.  The only objection I hear In addition, the process of putting together an email is very cumbersome in most software packages.

Good luck to us all! In the e-mail, click on the Attach icon; it looks like a large paper clip and is located at the top of the window. Reply to an existing e-mail, or compose a new one by clicking on the Write icon in the top left portion of the window. In the Insert File window that opens, locate the file you want to attach and double-click the file to attach it.

I usually try to send a lot at a time. That's fast. Leave him feedback below about the page. Reply Vlad December 23, 2015 at 4:14 pm DeeAnn…good question.

I have all 3 selected, and then I click on that box (I don't know the official name of the box, but it's the square thing with an arrow pointing up I do not need to update any software. It is common courtesy to send only one to five attachments in a single e-mail. It should be easy…right?

Glad I'm not the only one. You pick your picture, you change the resolution, you save that new picture and then you write an email and attach the picture as an attachment. Locate the image you'd like to send and select Choose File.