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HP Laptop Crash - No Readable Recovery CD

But thanks for giving me an actual, definite, layman terms answer! Just change that option with the IDE. Dave Try it again. So a long story short: A HUGE THANK YOU !!!!! news

I looked everywhere for an answer and Im so glad someone found one. I ran it on the affected drive by typing in chkdsk I: /r something like that you can find this on any repair website. hey can't I just take out the hard drive and copy it somewhere and handle the I think ''physical'' cpu problem after im all relaxed about my files??? =) thanks.. After a great deal of frustration, I finally had to perform a clean Windows XP Pro install.

THANK YOU TONY Lloyd Reply August 6, 2007 I also recommend using SpinRite instead of PC Inspector. Also, the cost of the program is not only reasonable but well worth the price to retrieve all of those irreplaceable pictures. Just like wear and tear on your car eventually destroys it, wear and tear on your hard drives will eventually destroy them.

It did a format, then installed over all my stuff. Now whenever it boots i get this message ‘ windows could not complete the instalation, to install windows on this computer restart the instalation' i've tried it in safe mode still I recovered 15 GB of uncorrupted files from that corrupted external hard drive. Believe it or not, the drive booted.

I am having the same issues that were stated above. I ended purchasing two that were recommended and neither did the job! It starts up normal. I deceded to recover all of them.

yesterday i sat my headphones down in a hurry to get the phone came back and realized they were sitting on the F1 button and had endless "help" windows trying to Than press ok Your computer will automaticay restart. I have lost a partition as I am not very smart in all that computer stuff and I too often act before thinking in the computer stuff. User Feedback Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your program!

Report Jason- Jul 4, 2008 at 03:34 AM I too was having the same problem with my PC after I upgraded my RAM to 2GB. I tried a few DOS copy tricks to no avail. Well I couldn't be happier when most of my pictures were recovered. I was using a Western Digital External fire-wire HD, to store all of my Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Dream-weaver, as well as all of our business documents, ie Word, Excel,

Reply sonu on June 3, 2015 at 8:47 am i have a internal hard drive in which windows xp is installed,i want to fromat / clean it, so i can use navigate to this website Reply TheMooseGuy on January 28, 2017 at 3:07 am Also, with a COMPLETELY dead hard drive, you can take it apart and hang it on the wall. Did you change or install anything prior to this behavior? I was able to recover ALL my pictures with this software.

  • Can anyone help with the problem.
  • Reply MrWonderful61 on August 31, 2015 at 12:02 pm You might try booting from different drive.
  • Recovered files After a virus attack (that got through Norton) I took my PC to a pro (?) for repair.
  • Dave You could run a linux live cd, boot to that cd and navigate to the files on your computer and get them off.
  • First it asked me if I wanted to do a system restore and I said yes and it wouldn't work because it had no system restore point to restore too.

I bought an external 500GB drive and now restoring files to it. I have tried alt f10 and it just makes a really loud bleeping sound. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. techguns Reply June 10, 2007 I only plug IDE cables to a PC with damaged mother or processor or something like that or recovery of deleted. 2 foot long cables helps.

Step 1: Connect the Hard Drive to Another Computer USB to IDE-SATA hard drive connector Before you can do any work on the crashed drive you will need to remove it now it has restarted and says it cant configure windows on this computer. Mechanical hard drives are destined to fail because of all the moving parts that can go bad.

George Paul Reply September 9, 2014 I was confused about how to recover data from crashed hard drive.

on May 18, 2009 at 1:01 pm And since I wrote the above comment, one of the brand new two 1 TB seagate external backup drives failed! I checked with a few software guys and one recommended turning the computer on and letting it warm up for a half hour even with the drive failure error. It's little bit expensive but not more than our data. This will let you load the special antivirus environment to check your PC for any problems outside of the Windows environment.

I just wished I had found it prior to trying four other programs and paying for nothing! Reply Jim on December 30, 2008 at 5:08 pm I had a hard drive fail by not spinning up. I would attempt the install again. click site Then try re-installing your browser and running a virus scan. (Malwarebytes is a good first up free check - suggest you look at a new system, as an upgrade every

They ask for donations on the download page to keep it free and you can bet I'll donate. I truly was starting to think that my pictures were gone. Jerome Data Recovery Software Reviews I purchased Recover My Files on 10/12/06. Thanks.

One company wanted $450 to recover my files. Video editing, Surfing, Games, etc.There are 3 different BSOD errors I keep getting.I have tried EVERYTHING. -Swapped out the Motherboard for a New one. -New Ram (using suggested ram from the My laptop hard disk is 320 GB which contains almost 200 GB of personal data likes files/photos/movies etc. COPYRIGHT © 1998- · MECHLER ENTERPRISES, LLC.

If you choose this option, you will be asked for the "start cluster" and "end cluster". What kind of company doesn't furninsh the cds when you purchase a computer.