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HP DV9700 Won't Detect DVD Drive Or Hard Drive Anymore


Can I just plug it back in? Mike May 4, 2009 | I dropped my dv9700 the other day. They all indicate success switching to other brands/models, like the Dell 1490, after patching the BIOS. You helped me save a lot of money. - Aaron Lutz February 19, 2009 | Hi, congrats for such a informative Hp on HP Laptops.

I really doubt that will fix your sound problem. No luck. Remove screws from the 1st hard drive and memory covers. Can anyone please tell me, what might be the problem and whether I can fix it myself?

Hp Pavilion Dv9700 Disassembly Guide

As soon he played one short web-TV movie the display went wacko. We ran through the same tests again - all passed just fine - then they told me that they could not sell me the hardware warranty because my computer was too Spray compressed air into the grill and it will remove most of the dust. Any help would be appreciated.

We can hear W7 booting allright but not see it. website. The screen is cracked and needs replacing. Hp Pavilion Dv9000 I too have serious issues with a dv9000 and in messing about, have found it very easy to slide the on/off switch for the wireless.

Remove the hard drive. 3. Hp Pavilion Dv9700 Screen Replacement Gene Gene July 1, 2009 | Found your donate button! Windows DVD maker works fine on the desktop but on this Lenovo 3000 N200 it will not recognize the built in dvd drive. General Discussion HP DV9700 Lights in volume don't light up anymoreIs there any way to stop losing the lights in my volume bar,after I do a hard reset it fixes it,

Now that I am done scaring you :). I can get to the Vista splash screen sometimes but it locks up at that time and never recovers now. Now my laptop has no display and will not display on any external monitor. I've had this problem for months, so I'm not sure what "recent changes" may have had an affect on all this.

Hp Pavilion Dv9700 Screen Replacement

Any thoughts on how to fix it? The battery still seems to run the rest of the machine OK for over an hour, though, and that used to include the wireless connection working OK as well. (Normally, of Hp Pavilion Dv9700 Disassembly Guide I took this to mean the CPU was overheating. Hp Hq Tre 71004 I read that in order to upgrade from the current 1 gig to 2, I need to purchase two 1 gig slots because this laptop does not have extra slots.

The Broadcom will no shoow up in the device manager. I doubt that removing the CMOS (RTC) battery will clear the BIOS password. I seek one « SATA connector (black plastic piece) that acts as an interface between the SATA hard drive and the HP dv9000 notebook computer ». Unfortunately the product number is not listed on the recall list, even though it seems to be the same problems as the recall. Dv9000 Specs

  1. My CD/ DVD Drive is not reading any discs!
  2. The drive might be faulty.Mar 2, 2015 Microsoft opted not to include DVD support because so many new computers My A 205 Satellite laptop no longer recognises its CD/DVD drive.
  3. how am i supposed to watch my dvd's???Help please and thank you.
  4. After that, the computer booted fine (windows start-up sounds and everything).
  5. The second time I followed them to the "T" and it is still working 2 months +.
  6. can anyone help us Craig Donelson December 27, 2008 | I have the same problem that other people are having with their HP9000 laptop.
  7. The dvd drive is of samsung and cd drive is of liteon.
  8. Help!!!
  9. Enjoyed steady performance for over a year afterwarrds.

I reloaded the driver to no avail. Maybe some of you out there could try this as well and report back. Phil Kowalski Alex November 12, 2008 | i need to know if ther's a way to erase everything from my HP Pavilion dv9000 and leave it with the factory setup…. check my blog We will be offered a discount on overpriced inferior laptops.

is there any setting i need to setup. samuel January 21, 2009 | I have a problem with my HP 9000 , At initial stage when I switch on the laptop the screen comes up blank and after a I have the driver's reinstalled and they are up todate.

I had mine fixed through Best Buy under the service contract.

I can't install any hardwares inside my laptop now and i have very difficult when install Window XP sp2. John February 16, 2009 | DV9207 black screen caused by Nvidia defect. Figure out which one you need and search on the Internet by the part number. The cable location is pointed by the green arrow.

I refer to all HP Pavilion dv9000, dv9100, dv9200, dv9300, dv9400, dv9500, dv9600 & dv9700 notebooks as the "dv9000" since adding a hard disk drive (HDD) to all above mentioned models You can use a live Linux CD, Windows installation CD, HP recovery disc or any other bootable CD. Colt July 27, 2009 | I have the HP Paviliion 9700….I am going to replace my hard drive and add another in the other spot, per your tutorial. news Could be just bad memory module.

Anybody know if there is any system software on the second hard drive of the Pavilion dv9000? For the wireless indicator light in front is now orange on the front of the computer. Dustin January 13, 2009 | Hi everyone. I would think that would be enough time for video and disk drive power drain issues to show up fairly fast and/or heat to build up (before the movie ends).

Please help!!!! I can't imagine that having any effect on the CD drive (can't get any worse than broken), but should I hold off? Any help? There are three different covers listed in the manual.

If possible, is their a website that i can use? Find the motherboard part number. Well...partially [ubuntu] Microphone won't work correctly [ubuntu] Asus F5SL (or X50SL :S) Integrated WebCam Problems [ubuntu] TV card in Ubuntu [ubuntu] Maxell pendrive: AppLauncher doesn't work [all variants] Best version of Al Marshall October 29, 2008 | i have been working with the hp pavillion dv9000 but just until recently, my keypad wont work.

Cassie June 2, 2009 | i have read and did post a question about the wireless. I am really greatful for the instruction on how to replace the hard drive. I think its about time now since the warranty is up. OK for those who are adventurous I have a possible fix (it worked for me and others!) DISCLAIMER: if you choose to attempt this as a LAST resort and damage your

Now press genteelly (like you are typing) on the top cover under the keyboard. IML Tech January 25, 2009 | Richard, Anybody know if there is any system software on the second hard drive of the Pavilion dv9000? Sometimes when the 3945ABG goes out, without restarting I am able to uninstall it then re-detect it and the light goes from amber back to blue and I can re-configure it In October 2007, I thought I had finally figured it out.