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HP Spectre 360x (model 13-4197dx) Flashing Display When It's.

Strange, no? He had viruses, but I cleaned those off and placed the harddrive back in the system. I can go online and everything without any problems until I shut down my computer and start it up again. Answer:Solved: excel-replace content of cell-1 if cell-2 is > cell-1 8 more replies Relevance 49.2% Question: Latitude E7470 produces flashing/blinking image on 4k monitor connected to docking station I have a

Is there really nothing HP can do to help me with the costs of this? I always figured that there was only one cellular model of iPad Pro and that said model was a 128GB model. Stopecode: PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA. I thought that this question is silly.

I have over 50 machines that are this model and it has happened on quite a few of them. View Solution. Different laptops (E64xx), same E-port, same monitor -> works fine2.

Answer:cracked screen on spectre x360 @trent2?Thank you for using HP Support Forum. HP maintains no official presence here and we are not authorized to deal withwarranty-basedequipment replacementissues. Is there any way I can re-set the entry codes for our two laptops as I can't find where I have very carefully stored the original codes?Thank you. Answer:Re: My HP Spectre XT screen just cracked!

Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about thathere.Thank yes no add cancel older | 1 | .... | 750 | 751 | (Page 752) | 753 | 754 | .... | 937 | newer HOME | ABOUT US | I have tried drivers...uodated software help yet!!

0 0 07/31/16--12:57: HP ENVY screen cracked Contact us about this article I have an HPEnvy x360. Any ideas as to how to correct this?

Use to love them not anymore. However, this is becoming more frequent and more difficult to remedy each time it happens. Does anyone have experience in getting this repaired under warranty in a timely manner? I have had for about 6 months and this is the second HP Spectre that has cracked.

I have now joined the Club of upset, extremely disappointed and PO'd HP Spectre Touch Laptop Owners who now how the most expensive paperweigh with a CRACKED SCREEN. Then I did a search and found it is a common problem in many HP laptops, and costs hundreds of dollars to fix.   Is HP doing anything to address this As a college student, this was a graduation present and I am hardpressed to afford any repairs and was distraught to find out there was damage to the computer that I I presume you didn't find some identical thread on this forum so I hope it is not some "general problem" with this machine.I'm not a technician but I cannot imagine that

The standard response to cracked screens is that it takes some kind of an external force to crack it hence it is accidental damage. useful reference i brought it back and they replace it with a new one. I wanted to fix it up and donate to the student in Africa who is going to college. Satellite Z930 is very nice machine designed for mobile usage and I'm really sorry to hear that you have such problems.

I would understand if I was the only one crying wolf but it seems this is a problem with design/manufacturing flaws with this laptop. Than the big surprise..when I received it back from the service point, they reconnected the battery and the service report stated "no defects found, computer is working well"........Since than, I started I have looked into your issue about your HP Spectre x360 and issues with screen fading Windows 8. my review here The computer still has warranty on it and from reading other forum posts, this is a generic issue amongst the HP Spectres.thanks - Krammer More replies Relevance 44.69% Question: Cracked screen

The TV in question is a 32" Sony Trinitron model and also has a D-sub input on the back for connecting PCs IIRC. Is that a displayissue and should I consider replacing it? In that time I, as administrator, forgot the pin codes to enter Windows 10 on the HPs.

Issue#55459: Lenovo - C260 Display Issue Hi, I have a lenovo C260 with a smashed screen, I bought a hdmi to vga adapter but can see anything on the screen so

Thanks More replies Relevance 84.87% Question: Spectre X2 12-a001dx M.2 ssd upgrade Dear Forum Members,Can anyone tell me if it is possible to upgrade the M.2 2280 in a Spectre X2 I got a message saying something crashed and if this was the first time I saw it I just needed to reboot my computer. It has seriously put me off your product and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone else given the current situation.I've tried contacting you over the phone but as I was More replies Relevance 44.28% Question: cracked screen on spectre x360 I've had the same problem as seen in 8 previous pages on this forum.

For the same price by a MacBook, hp isn't worth the grief and the time. I am using the binary Nvidia driver, version 352.63, and have also tried the 352.79, 358.xx, and 361.xx (from the nvidia-drivers ppa) which all have the same issue. When I play for like 20minutes or so my video goes insane! get redirected here I saw the 14 pages!

Btw, when I connect external display, there is no issue on that screen, just on laptop.I would appreciateany typeof advice what this could be and what should I do. More replies Relevance 44.69% Question: Frozen screen Spectre Hello;My screen freezes randomly, and then verticalbars from top to bottom of the screen appear over the frozen image. My laptop is only 5 months old and under warranty until March 2017. So far I have tried the following:Removed optical drives to see if the machine would boot up without them - it didn't.

I am under the impression that it could potentially be a capacitor, or even simply some bad connection. Am at my local Apple Store, playing with a cellular model iPad Pro and I noticed the following when I checked the settings app on it. If I can get rid of these stripes, I want to upgrade it to Windows 7. A big company like HP prefer to have people pist of than to take care of them.