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I Am Using Dell Inspiron N5010. Can I Use Only Single Module 8GB RAM In Single Slot (With One Empty Slot)

They do not list the type of drive in the description. plz rply. Dell Inspiron N5010 (Inspiron 15R) can support up to 8GB RAM. can u suggest me some tips… IML Tech May 14, 2014 | @ anand krishnan, What tips are you looking for?

It's possible your hard drive was on the verge of failure and running Windows updates killed it completely. IML Tech May 8, 2014 | @ craig, It's hard to figure out what is wrong without seeing the laptop. I got this information from the Aspire V7-581 & V5-572 service guide. All pass except the SATA disk tests.

So I thought I could just buy another computer that was compatible. I disassembled my dell as your pictures below,but now that i assemble my laptap it doesnt turn on. craig May 8, 2014 | @IML TECH Hi yes ive checked all cables and they are all fitted correctly??

Thanks IML Tech July 30, 2012 | @ Bin, I have the dell 15r and was wondering if it was possible to replace the optical drive with an ssd boot drive? Engage with our Account Management Team today... The cooling fan seems to be always on and at high rotational speeds.. Monday, October 10, 2016 10:15:30 Rich, At 32GB that mSATA SSD is probably used as a cache drive to support a hard disk drive.

we clean it already and try to remove the ram on the backside but still giving the same result. keshav February 17, 2013 | my dell laptop n5010 is locked with system password.can you help me to locate the jumper on the motherboard so that i can reset the password. Anyone else? Price factor, won't allow me to take-off the HDD Pankaj February 6, 2013 | Hi, I have a problem with my dell Inspiron N5010 core i3 Actually i have sent my

i have a problem my laptop didnt fully off after shutdown.the power light remains on .then i off it by hold the power button for a while.plz anyone know reply me All errors are subject to correction. Dynamically when the system detects programs that require more extensive graphics power, the system should switch the GPU to the discreet Nvidia GPU. IML Tech July 24, 2013 | @ behzad, i have a small piece of a hardware in 2cm length located in bottom of my motherboard and the left side of right

Turn on the laptop, press the F12 key and select diagnostics. Problem is I don't know which comoiter as best buy or Walmart sell one. Gently, but firmly, lift and the tape will seperate. Urgent.

Contact us about this article Hi all, So few days ago I have noticed that my Dell Vostro 5470 not charging. The Best Buy salesperson is correct, you would need to check the computers you are interested in by each model. Well done to our Dispatch Team for processing your order so swiftly. Under the top cover assembly you'll get access to the hard drive, CPU cooling fan, wireless card and SC card reader.

Keep up the great work! Pull DVD drive to the left and remove it. Can you help me how to figure this out? Leave a comment below with the make/model of your device and we'll look it up.

You can install up to 4GB RAM module into each slot. Garry April 23, 2014 | Can anyone please tell me how to reset the CMOS on this Unit, removing the CMOS battery does not do it….thanks Rocco May 5, 2014 | can i use 8gb ram in one slot instead of 2 x 4gb [read more...] Ram slot not working - [Solved] - Memory - Tom's HardwareRam slot not working - Gigabyte

It really is that simple!The files and programmes on your device are stored on the Hard Drive or Solid State Drive, not the RAM - so you will not lose anything

what should i do?? Also this show battery is good: Please help me find the solution, as I am currently not in my home country and laptop is quite needed. Thanks, Kamile

0 0 06/21/16--10:23: dell I was using a defective battery from last 3 months Jim May 29, 2014 | I recently dropped my Inspiron 15R on the floor. As well, Vostro battery is not portable, that makes things even worse.  As I have noticed, the error accured after one of Windows update (I currently have Windows 10).

THANKS AGAIN TO THE TECH WHO TOOK THE TIME TO WRITE ALL THIS. Who replace the hard drive? If all hardware passed diagnostic test, it must be software related problem. Maybe the fan stopped working after you dropped the laptop?

plz help me.. In extreme circumstances an order placed after 3:00 PM EST can be shipped the same day but must be confirmed by phone and may incur a processing fee. Start separating the top cover assembly from the base. No capacity limit found.

Be patient when re-inserting the ribbon wires back in the clips. I learned how to loosen the LCD from this video: and checked for loose connections, but everything appears to be okay, so I'm wondering where else to look… near the Cornel July 14, 2015 | hi How can I make my Inspiron 15R less noisy? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I Throughly check the HDD (working file), then check RAM (both working properly) then check Charger (working perfectly) to me every things seems to be working but whenever i turn it I just want to buy a computer that I can go in the store pick up and be ready to start working and put my MSATA chip inside and have all ravi Kalsariya December 4, 2013 | I havone issue in my laptop. If yes, it's possible the hard drive failed and has to be replaced.

The cpu idles around 34c  (90 F) but still the fan spins at 3600rpm. JCAG2

0 0 06/21/16--16:21: Dell Inspiron 8600 Contact us about this article My uncle gave this laptop to me ages ago and I came across this dinosaur and I forgot STEP 11. I don't think this laptop can take an external video card.