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I Have An Idea To Change The Way We Look At Metro UI

Today I prefer to have it on one screen so I can fully utilize the space on the other screens. How stupid. Right now the only option is Microsoft Points which only works on Video and Music (and only the 360 and PC show the point value of movies) and I have to And who cares if you miss me or not?

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Therefore, the role of the interface is to quickly and conveniently guide the user there, where he will be able do what he wants. For the most part, these complex programs function the same across PC, Mac, and some even in Linux. I have three monitors at work, one of them is touch. bananapatch > the only thing that i'm hearing from people is that they don't like change!

If you're using a relativity new cpu you should experience a nice dip in power usage, and sleep mode works infinitely faster than win7 ever did. Also, I was used to using a few keyboard shortcuts here and there in previous versions of Windows, but now I feel like I have to learn additional ones just to GatzLoc Take a look at their older ones, they've been fair. I had to reinstall all my programs.

Windows 8 is s**t. Login or register to post comments Maelstrom on Dec 24, 2012 Increasing options that way would be nice. First, let’s go through Windows 8’s obvious virtues — it runs much more smoothly than earlier versions of Windows, it starts up more quickly and is generally a more stable platform Beyond those two features, I am not aware of any useful multi-monitor improvements that would garner an upgrade with having to adapt to Metro.

I just cant see many of these working efficiently in the metro environment at all. Login or register to post comments spinedoc on Dec 26, 2012 It's far from ridiculous, and actually quite logical instead of clinging to something which just isn't working. Login or register to post comments PC509 on Dec 31, 2012 Very much agree. it would be easier on a desktop environment to have a customizable start menu and a desktop environment than to convert the whole start menu to the desktop thats just useless

Windows 7 is multi-touch capable, as well as the Windows 8 desktop. It's a question of efficient workflow. If he's behind a NAT firewall (which is likely) he's as safe from targeted attacks as he would be with win7. Within a fraction of a second I can check multiply email accounts, stock markets, PMs, what songs playing, my appointments coming up, if any apps are updating and the weather forecast,

Answer--for the desktop, they don't. WTPHUCK You gotta be kidding. To make transitions between screens easier you only have to move the cursor to the right. That is not a good place for this platform's developers to be.

I think that is one area that they did well at, allowing the user to work around the new interface. Login or register to post comments Advertisement yaddamaster on Dec 26, 2012 the completely amusing (sad, pathetic) thing is - Office on RT isn't Metro. Don't just throw it out because it looks different and therefor must suck.. I work with other journalists.

That's nearly the most irrelevant part of WinRT from the standpoint of the desktop. the best part if you download the Desktop version (you can sign in/out) you can call the other user in the same computer plus making the Metro interface like the man-in-the-middle For the Metro style, proprietary principles have been developed, used by Microsoft to create its own operating system and applications.

Bottom left goes to start menu, if you're on the start menu it goes to the last used app.

For me it's just been much harder to navigate the desktop since their is nothing that makes the navigation easier in desktop mode. As an example, a well-known (and having caused a lot of disputes at the time) feature of the interface, when a piece of the title of the next screen appears on I imagine that a few clean installs every 6-10 months will keep it going until I have a chance to maybe numb myself to Win8 as a desktop PC. of course, windows 8 has all of this plus metro, which makes windows 7 GUI seem great by comparison.

If Microsoft's goal is to phase out the desktop and leave us only with Metro, they better make it easier to write powerful applications, and they better resolve the severe performance With a really old HD and a 10yr-old MB, those seconds could really add up over time. Hosted by Leaseweb We're Social Tech News Downloads Software Store Search for: BetaNews Hot Topics: Windows 10MicrosoftAppleCloudTabletsAndroidSecurityReviews Follow Us: Twitter Facebook Linked-in RSS Windows 10 to get a new look with Because the Metro environment uses "brokers" for random file access which requires copying the file before giving access to the app.

I hope your experience with Win 8 improves on mine. Paul, hope you pass this on to MS. in Customization i really want a way to change the metro UI tile icons because I really don't like when you pin a desktop application its icon is small and it Some of your complaints about metro weren't even true.

MS can improve Metro, but touch will still be inferior. Doing this creates the feel of a full screen customizable Start Menu, rather than a whole new (crappy) interface we have to learn. It's not a question of figuring it out, even though it shouldn't take me any time at all really to find basic functionality. and i also like the new window, designs the menus on them, and they just the look is nice.

Metro is great with both mouse and non touch laptops (I use my non touch NetBook with downscaling on so I can actually use metro apps.) Sent from my LS-LS670 using I realize that emulation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what's with all the Apple mongering? Just that people are using touch already on many devices.