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Hinge for the lid of my Pavilion came loose :-(

Horizontal lines in my laptop screen INSPIRON 7520

How do I correct a vertical line issue on my computer screen.

How to enable VGA adapter blind? (Broken laptop screen).

How to find type of laptop screen to replace

hp blank screen

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hp G71 notebook PC Windows 10 upgrade crashed laptop now won.

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HP Monitor is dark in one corner

HP laptop will turn on but the screen will not turn on and r.

HP Laptop has lines

HP OMEN screen pops out from top cover

hp laptop white screen with black leaf on lower right corner

HP Pavilion Black Screen

HP monitor dark in one corner

HP Pavilion g6-2232TX Vertical lines with pink tint on displ.

HP Pavilion X360 - Flickering Screen

HP Pavillion laptop screen turns black

Hp Pavilion screen cracked

HP TouchScreen 420 doesn't boot

I booted up my laptop and static horizontal lines opened up .

I connected an external display to my laptop now no internal

i get blue screen when i want to turn on my laptop after i've put it on sleep mode and after i disconnect HDMI cable

I have same issue screen cracked just opening laptop at area.

I need help regarding the color profile of my laptop

I replaced my laptop's screen and now it won't turn on

I think laptop is broken

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