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I Have A Acer Aspire V17 That Is Completely Dead


If that doesnt help, you are most likely looking at a hardware issue(s) that will need physical inspection. I need more information in order to troubleshoot the problem any further. Spooky/ Reply TekTime IT Consulting Blog - Do It Yourself Computer and Technology Tips! However I cant see anything on the screen and after a few seconds the laptop restarts and the same thing again happens. useful reference

Powered it off, but when i powered it back on it would not come in. If new memory doesn't fix it, most likely there is a problem with the motherboard. cj2600 September 15, 2008 | Karen, I started it up and the hard drive made 2 booting noises and then stopped but the screen never lit up. what is the reason for this problem, is it possible to fix it?

Acer Laptop Wont Turn On Black Screen

Oscar November 18, 2008 | need some help please… i have a Toshiba Satellite M35X. First, try restarting the computer and immediately pressing "F8" after it boots up. I think it's bad motherboard. The bare bone system includes: 1.

Reply TekTime IT Consulting Blog - Do It Yourself Computer and Technology Tips! I'm not familiar with that particular laptop but I would suggest to check the memory module first. Also, there is a constant buzzing noise coming from the inverter. How To Remove Battery From Acer Laptop Also, check the BIOS settings.

Reply Scott says: April 16, 2012 at 2:00 pm The computer doesnt stay on long enough to get to the settings. My Acer Aspire Won't Turn On The process highlighted above helps to discharge static electricity by eliminating the remaining amount of electricity stored in the laptop (capacitors). Unless you are referring to something else? It repeat for few times and when off, that the symptom I got.

The motherboard works, like I said, but intermittently does not POST. Acer Laptop Wont Turn On Or Charge Can you boot the laptop to the BIOS setup menu when the hard drive is removed? I am thinking it is a bad swith or connection to the board. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

My Acer Aspire Won't Turn On

Down the list of things: it's not the charger, and not the entire motherboard. I've checked it with external CRT and its OK. Acer Laptop Wont Turn On Black Screen Unplug AC & discharge power, plug back in and I can get the LEDs to flash. Acer Aspire E15 Not Turning On Here's what you can try.

I tried rebooting the laptop without the monitor and it didn't work. Reinstall factory software from the recovery disc. The computer turns on and makes normal startup noises, the LED lights turn on but noting appears on the screen. criz sars July 30, 2008 | may be you already test basic troublesooting..hope i can help you..try to check the inverter b+,swichting,sensor,adj….using the volt meter,usually in normal condition that pin have Acer Laptop Wont Turn On Blue Light Flashes

If the fuse is OK, most likely there is a problem with the motherboard. Should I just replace / refurb motherboard? They should be able to test it for you for free. I have switched away from Toshiba.

Replace it with a new one. - The motherboard failed. Acer Aspire E15 Won't Turn On I really need any advice to fix my laptop problems. If the mains power is left on the computer starts OK but once there is no power input to the power unit for more than 10-15 minutes the computer re-sets to

The third light from the left flashed.

John A August 9, 2008 | It's frustrating. the battery in,however with the. Power light is on but no HDD or screen activity. Acer Aspire Won't Turn On No Lights I believe it may just be the leads for the Wifi antenna, but perhaps not.

Maybe it’s bad hard drive?" cj2600 November 25, 2008 | Oscar, i have a Toshiba Satellite M35X. The laptop is non-responsive. So i dont think it has a power problem. thank you in advance Nikhil October 10, 2008 | I've a HP Pavillion Laptop.It was workin for the past one year but one day when i started the laptop the display

HELP..Please. I'm used to opening up desktops, but not laptops (aside from changing laptop hard drives). cj2600 November 18, 2008 | Jayson Darling, The wireless led & power led light up and then the laptop does nothing. it is working :) Helpful +13 Report Simpleman Feb 15, 2013 at 05:46 PM ok, thank you.

At first my Presario would boot up fine and run. The battery light comes on, but nothing else happens. Reply toni says: April 13, 2012 at 2:02 pm Omg i just look up how to fix it came across your post followed your steps and it worked like a charm