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How Do You Believe The Start Screen Is To Be Used?


It should display absolutely all shortcuts installed by applications in their Start Menu folders. And dump the "Start Screen" overall.However, if you want this to work, all icons should be of same size (like the iPad), If the user wants to change icon's sizes, that You are absolutely right, the Start screen is just a bigger, better Start menu.0 Reply Nick Nicholaou 2 years agoI agree with your conclusions, Michael, but there is a larger reason Considering how fast Apple is now losing market shares, we have now further evidence that the Apple approach doesn’t work. this contact form

But so what? Yes, many Windows users barked at Microsoft after the release of Windows 8. The new desktop won't replace the current Windows environment entirely — the full-screen Start Menu and apps will still be around for those who want them. You "select" & you "escape", period.

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Ultimately Microsoft will do all it can to turn us towards the new Metro interface, and it’s inevitable that, assuming the move doesn’t kill off Windows on the desktop platform; we’ll However, the fact that they accepted the touch UI of the iPad shows that they are not afraid of change. A3 size Paper (4 times bigger than A5), 3. Never!Now, you could propose that if Windows should have only one UI, why not get rid of the new one and stick with what we know?

Things get worse if they work with UI B only every now and then because they then they have to learn X again after some time and whenever an upgrade comes I want to take a couple of minutes and demonstrate how to get the most out of Windows 8 on a non-touch device. So NOT only we are using the Start Button on the Bottom left of our Windows OS, we also have the "Start Screen" playing TABLE TENNIS with it. In Many Cases A Ribbon Organizes Buttons And Options In Finding your way with the mouse is easier and less frustrating.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. | Search MSDN Search all blogs Search It looked the same in both operating systems and I was happy to see there were no differences. Simply the full-screen mode requirements for apps and searches (despite the fact that you can open multiple programs side by side) doesn't really serve my purposes in these more work intensive I now have to do additional arrowing, tabbing, just to fire off internet options.

It appears Microsoft believes those made-up reasons that they hear from Windows users. Windows 10 Start Menu Reset But there are many more.You are right, users work with different UIs every day and that is exactly where the high additional costs come from. But frankly, allowing for freeform window placement of metro apps/utilities would likely fix most, if not all, of the general usage complaints for the new format.0 Reply Michael Pietroforte 2 years Manage Live Tiles Windows 10’s Live Tiles aren’t for everyone, but you can make the best of them by dragging them around the right side of the Start menu to put

  1. None of the fluff amounts to anything important.
  2. I've been on the front lines for over a year now trying to sell folks on Windows 8.
  3. Like Google glass - way before it's time but not in a good way for the current market.
  4. In both cases, Microsoft wasn’t intimidated by the yowling and growling and just moved ahead with confidence.

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If you look at the lower portion of the search menu you will see other locations like Store, Mail etc. Add apps to the Live Tiles list You can pin app shortcuts to the Start menu in a similar way. Windows 10 Add To Most Used It was not to convince the general public that Windows 8 is the OS for them. Windows 10 Most Used List Increase What on earth is the "heart with heartbeat" & why on earth should I already know what it is / what it represents... ???

Thu, Feb 2 2017 TZUTIL - Change time zone Mon, Jan 30 2017 Unable to clear/reset TPM Thu, Jan 26 2017 Users cannot calibrate tablet touch screen Mon, Jan 23 2017 weblink Anyways back to the Metro UI, for me its juts crap for my work environment, which is laptop with 2 large monitors, In work I run 'Programs' not 'Apps' one cannot Or even better, let each user customize how they want it. They never try anything innovative and forward looking. Windows 10 Most Used List Size

This mirrors the Start menu's structure. I'd say there were even more complaints than about Vista because Windows 95 was extremely unstable. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with more than 30 years of experience in IT management and system administration. navigate here I see all the stuff pouting about how better it is for server admin, that may be true, but what are Servers used for, generally for running Enterprise Applications ( not

Really? Windows 10 Start Menu All Apps No doubt you've heard that Microsoft has removed all support for the Start menu in this latest release, bringing a host of Start menu apps grinding to a halt. Windows 8 Release Preview works fine with all of the Start menu replacement tools we threw at it, including two of our favorites: Classic Shell and Start8 from Stardock.

With full-screen Start active, you’ll find the shut down options and your other applications on the buttons just above the Start button. 6.

There are a bunch of third-party utilities that have been created to provide the old-style Start Menu for people who refuse to change. What, thought I, if I put a few of them into the tile space of the new Windows 10 Start menu? The folder structure created by the applications in the Start Menu folders is respected and this leads to a better organisation and flow of the entire list. Windows 10 Start Menu Properties Missing I thought it might be taking its time for loading, so I gave it 1 hour but nothing happened.

But it won't surprise me at all if adoption rates are underwhelming, even when the price of admission is free.0 Reply Dell 2 years agoI came to this post of my However, the fact that Windows 8 wasn't designed well, doesn't mean that the conventional desktop has to stay. Cancel Skip to content Personal Business Large business & public sector BT Group More BT Sites BT Personal Great value home broadband, phone, digital TV and mobile products from BT his comment is here The desktop is typically used in a very different way and that needs to be reflected in the GUI certainlu until the mouse and keyboard input devices are finally replaced.0 ReplyLeave

The All-apps list is organized a lot better. If you are using the legacy Desktop just press the .to return to the Windows Start screen and start typing to find what you are looking for.. Let’s find out!