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How Do I Modify What Shows On Windows Start 8.1 Screen-Not


Not what is something that needs a day or two to get used to. Also, my developers don't use PowerShell or Server Core so that argument bunk. 3 years ago Reply Pickle…/new-start-menu-is-slowing-me-down-in-server-8-part-2 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto Porkie, I understand what you In the end, the trick that finally worked was that I had to "allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" on the folder which so is the microsoft way! this contact form

I don't see what people are complaining about. Constructively submitted, please don't shoot the messenger. (hopefully this post will not appear as one paragraph) 47 years ago Reply Eoin Ryan I'd just like to make a quick post to himagain @sean: Nahhh, I'm sure they wouldn't do something like that, it would be not nice. To stop Windows from doing this, right-click on the executable file of the application, go to the Compatibility tab and tick the box marked “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.”

Windows 8 Start Screen Background

Please note that Apps are installed on a per user basis, so if you uninstall they will only be uninstalled for that specific user - you need to deprovision them so Only Microsoft could include a feature in their OS that doesn’t actually work or is buggy as hell. BONUS TIP: You can directly open "Advanced power settings" dialog box using control powercfg.cpl,,1 command in RUN dialog box as mentioned here. 4. Chris Maybe because I have WORK that needs to get done, and I don't have time to play "Where the hell did it go".

I did look at the other stardock apps and have since purchased one that allows more start screen customisation, I forget what its called (im on a different device right now), I put images on a folder, all pics are jpg and I select folder for slide show, but nothing happens. Like any other company we cannot stop innovating, and this is simply the path we're taking. Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer Otherwise, copy from wikipedia…/Emoji For example, is a great prefix for your games group.

Boooo. 3 years ago Reply Jonathan @Joao Sousa Botto, what a contradiction: "Joe George, I'm glad you like it. There is a big logic built into how networks are managed just by connecting/disconnecting to networks within range. There are a number of niggles in the operating system which can stifle productivity and even render machines unusable. WE don't like change!

Let me guess, you are a another ignorant Linux user who works for Canonical? Customize Windows 8 Start Screen I don't like things because of their "cool factor" and to assume that I do is rather presumptuousness on your part. Ray Rainer Look at how arrogant Apple is and they get away with it. I don't think so!

  1. Now click on "Change Icon" button and select desired icon.
  2. More childish claims and lies to sell a childish kindergarten style failure of an unusable interface that Metro/ModernUI is all about user 9693 it's only unusable on desktops on touch it's
  3. What MS did with the start menu sent 80% of the population back another 10 years in learning.
  4. To make them available in your domain you will have to load the new ADMX to the Central Store from a Windows 8.1 Machine by copying C:WindowsPolicyDefinitions to \SYSVOLPolicies I highly
  5. I understand that most people don’t see it that way, at least yet, but it’s better to have both worlds at once and be able to choose which you prefer.

How To Change Start Menu In Windows 8

How to Enable Image Slide Show Feature on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen? Home Stardock Software Start8 and Start10 Start8 Tweet pcumming Join Date 01/2014 0 How do I modify what shows on Windows Start 8.1 screen-Not tiles? Windows 8 Start Screen Background You can also expand your screen to a wide type of bird’s eye view, from which you can drag entire app groups from one place to another. Windows 8 Blank Screen On Startup In this post, Mike Hildebrand and I present you a couple of solutions that should help the traditional mouse and keyboard users (like us) get more comfortable with the Windows 8.1

The most prominent is that most installed programs, if not all depending on resolution, are visible at a glance and a single click launches them. Apparently, I'm not the only one that struggles with the "flat" look. You are the best VG. :) kotetsu Thanks for the another nice tip, sir VG! This full screen metro app view is stupidly awkward to work with and less productive. Windows 8.1 Start Menu Customization

Click Uninstall to remove the selected update. The background image on Lock Screen automatically changes to the selected images after certain time interval when this Slide Show feature is enabled. It'll open "Power Options" window. navigate here Acid_Crash Is there a way to increase default icon size on every tile in start menu?

Thanks in advance. Windows 8.1 Black Screen With Cursor With the Modern Start Menu there is always 2 actions to launch the target app. I also cannot even get my outlook express mail, that I prefer, to work, seems I have to download an app to get it to work… Jak Stone Funny, I don't

Then set up the lock screen slideshow - use 1 min intervals- to test it.

Don't get me wrong it's a good start for touch but too drastic for the Desktop. Did you show them how to actually power off their computer? I have tried CTRL+ALT+DELETE and tried to go to Task Manager, but it just doesn't open, and sometimes my computer freezes. How To Change Windows 8 Start Screen Background Image Dominic Maas Well it happened lol SX It wasn't even hindsight, it was foresight for anyone with a clue.

Using a Surface 2 with W8.1 John Michael 47 years ago Reply Michael Hildebrand - MSFT JayRO - Thank you VERY much for the thoughtful and detailed comments to our post. Right top corner menu thing, too inconsistent and hard to use, sometimes once you do get it to pop out of right side, as you mouse down and go just a Today in this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to change text labels of Start Screen tiles and customize their icons in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Find a system service.

Only the complete ignoramuses like yourself and the other miscreants who voted your comment up i.e. max999 Exactly! So, all I see are positives Hannibal Lector That's isn't a start button is it then you complete ignoramus. But what is definitely annyoing is the constant switching between Metro apps and Desktop apps.

Thank you all for taking the time to share your comments (99 so far). 3 years ago Reply Bob H "… Start Menu that spanned multiple rows of 'folders.' Navigating it The result of this was often a Start Menu that spanned multiple rows of ‘folders.' Navigating it with the mouse grew more difficult for users as more and more applications are It pisses me off Microsoft has broken the workflows I've been using for nearly 20 years. User's should not have to bend to the operating system - its the other way around.

It utilizes a neat "pinning" system that isn't unlike the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. Let’s first touch upon how to manipulate them using right-click menus. METHOD 3: Enable Slide Show Feature on Battery in Power Options Although this option is related to Slide Show feature of Desktop background but you can try the same method to Here are some pictures of what happens:My pc specs:OS: Windows 8.1 64-BitMB: Sabertooth X79CPU: Intel I7-3820 3.60GHzGPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 1.5GBRAM: 8GB dual channel ram (4x2GB)If anyone can help me,

We want to very briefly cover the lock screen and your profile picture, and this is a good as time as any to scratch the surface of the “PC settings” (which All tiles show the default icon of the associated app or program. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the 5 category limitation. Turning Off Live Tiles Live tiles can be great for certain things like showing the weather at a quick glance, or headlines, or sport scores, but they can also be a

Does UEFI prevent Installation of other OSes ? SlyKrysis And boom goes the dynamite… Exactly what "dumb" Windows users need to realize is that the Modern UI interface IS the same old start menu they're used to, just different To activate this view, pinch two fingers, touch and hold, and spread them apart, or click the small minus (-) sign in the lower-right corner of the Start screen. Thank you for sharing your feelings 3 years ago Reply Ben Utter crap I don't want cut down apps I want to access the full programs I install its a computer

Recently I got a comment from an AskVG reader "Paolo": Please I need help with lock screen slideshow on Windows 10 64-bit. That would be just stupid. You beat me to it!