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How To Get Back The Start Button And Disable Start


holy cow man, relax with the hate. There are other ways to ditch the Start Screen even before Microsoft reveals the next major version of Windows.Here’s how to turn off the Start Screen in Windows 8.1 so that they come up as never used. I did look at the other stardock apps and have since purchased one that allows more start screen customisation, I forget what its called (im on a different device right now), weblink

I tried an Ipad, I tried Android, I tried Mozilla's smart phone os. Clicking on the program's Start orb displays the usual two-pane menu with access to your programs and folders and commands for search, run, and help. Hardly. If you want to keep running it, you'll then have to ante up $3 for a single PC, $5 for two PCs, or $10 for 5 PCs.

How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8

Did you show them how to actually power off their computer? From here you can access both the Start menu and the Start screen. You can then click or tap on any tile to open the item.

  1. If im reading you right, you want to autologin to the device so you dont need to login to windows using a local account with your keyboard..
  2. The second step will require that you have internet access to download a free third-party utility.Get Rid of the Start ScreenPress the Windows key on your device’s keyboard to go the
  3. Awesome!
  4. On the other hand, most people aren't going to spend the time doing it, so it will be up to the IT staff to do extra work to manage it for
  5. LOL I am only half kidding… Technically, I use the quick start bar more than anything else in XP or win7… Windows 8 can die… I'll wait for Windows 9… Arash
  6. go for it.
  7. A fourth button taps into Windows search.
  8. Now click on the Desktop tile.
  9. Hannibal Lector Because change isn't always necessary just for the sake of change.
  10. Guess which one is going back?

And then as you drag down to pick one of the charms, sometimes (more often than not) if you go just a hair to far to the left, it closes up All she did was get lucky and put to work the tips leaked on this web page…….. That said, I can tell you that in our health system (Yeah, I'm in I.T. Windows 8 Start Button Missing From Taskbar Connect with him on Google+.

Even some Linux distros support UEFI boot now. Windows 8 Classic Start Menu The result of this was often a Start Menu that spanned multiple rows of ‘folders.' Navigating it with the mouse grew more difficult for users as more and more applications are Clicking on the Windows orb after installation lets you choose between displaying all settings in the Start menu, or just the basics. We all really appreciate you taking the time to write this down.

And the third setting controls whether Jump List items appear. Windows 8.1 Enable Start Menu wtf windows… im tired of this apps crap popping up too 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto SB, if you want a shortcut to appear on the Start Screen you Ron Brown enjoy your minority status SteveGrobler Sorry mate, but you must be new to Windows because you obviously don't understand the issues. Chris Bordeman "Total fanboy.

Windows 8 Classic Start Menu

Note: Adding this toolbar will not look like the normal Windows Start Menu. pop over to these guys Chris Woodward This is an old thread and an old argument… I would never deploy a new OS straight away. How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8 Don't even get me started with Server 2012. 3 years ago Reply Porkie Agree 100% with Steve. Windows 8 Start Button Download We are very open about our vision for the future, and the path we choose to get there.

I personally loath tray icons and I prefer to see things when I want to see them and not have bubbles and things nagging me next to my clock. 47 years have a peek at these guys I appreciated Vista for its improvements over XP and credit Vista for finally pushing vendors to provide x64 drivers. And then after their updates those Apple Menus don't work, so they have to continually update them. Windows 8 users in search of a free, simple, and flexible Start menu program will find all of that and more in Classic Shell.8Startbutton Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET 8Startbutton8Startbutton offers a Change Windows 8 Start Menu To Look Like Windows 7 Ronald Stepp A bad UI decision is not "being ahead in technology." When the UI slows me down in a revision it isn't a good change. Having to choose from among four different user roles just to launch the software was unnecessarily cumbersome. Uninstalling Classic Shell from the Programs and Features area will let you switch between the Desktop and the Start Screen and reversing the changes made in the Taskbar properties area will Can I go ahead and give microsoft or apple a few thousand dollars so I can reserve my spot for future windows 9, 10, 11, and so on?

However, if it weren’t for the complication of large deployments and of course the cost associated with these deployments, all companies would or should be on Windows 7 by now. Windows 10 Can't Get To Desktop I like the idea of the Metro start screen, all apps screen, and desktop sharing one background. Windows 8/8.1 is no different.

From that menu, you can access all of your programs and open specific folders, such as Documents, Music, and Pictures.

I cannot even dream of giving my developers a 2012 server. how fix this 3 years ago Reply Nitin I've been looking for the option to hide the Start button on the desktop view. With it Microsoft stripped away the Start Menu that’d dominated older versions of Windows and replaced it with the Start Screen, an updated Start Menu that takes over the entire screen and How To Get Start Menu Back In Windows 10 Is there a concept of a folder on the W8 Start screen that would contain these 4 icons?

As far as tabs are concerned, I consider them more of a thing for women with purses. You are a "techhead", the rest of us are things like Salespeople,Doctors, Writers, oldies like me. Still miss the classic Start menu in Windows 8 and 8.1? I was myself surprised having heard a lot of negative comments.

Start 8 - Another great tool for adding the start button to the Taskbar. I rarely ever used the start button and find that the start page is far more useful. Right-click the ViStart system tray icon and select Options if you want to configure it. But in this new interface you have to waste time scrolling those idiotic big tiles to find out what you need.

It was a jarring experience, and super annoying to exit from or use properly (poor choice of keyboard shortcuts). You get the same Start button orb icon, the same Start menu search box, the same jump lists, and -- for better or worse -- even the same Aero transparency. This is akin to gnome vs kde wars. for real?

Brian Merica What choice? Do you by chance know where this picture is located, so that I can make all three screens share the default 8.1 Metro background? 3 years ago Reply Michael Hildebrand - But that's fine if all you need it a simple Start menu.StartMenu7 Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET StartMenu7 Also known as StartMenuX, this utility lets you customize the look, feel, and functionality What was the point? 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto Von Philips, you may have read third party speculation as Microsoft never said the Start Menu would be restored to

I think half of the people complaining about it have never used it and just read the reviews on it. Chris Maybe because I have WORK that needs to get done, and I don't have time to play "Where the hell did it go". You can download a free 30-day trial copy of StartMenuPlus8. At Microsoft they are on crack indeed.

There are many shortcuts for Windows 8 that are easier than XP or 7. If it isn't possible, please give me something written, where Microsoft explains this. In fact no one either business man or anyone else with a bit of brain would ever think about forcing something on customers that was clearly a failure already and the