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How To Implement My Own Buttons In Windows 8 Start Screen

Contents Ronald Stepp We're not headed towards touch on the desktop anymore than we are headed for a mouse on tablets and phones. JOIN THE DISCUSSION Tweet Chris Hoffman is a technology writer and all-around computer geek. The Windows 8 Start screen isnt ideal for everyone. It's actually an old idea -- a very, very old idea -- circa 1990. his comment is here

Since then they've improved the UI so that we can better use the mouse and keyboard on the Start screen, I appreciated that. Juan Gotti Well here is an adequate analogy. BEST OF HOW-TO GEEK How to Use the New Task Manager in Windows 8 or 10 How to Fax a Document From Your Smartphone How to Find Out Why Your Windows Get a clue before posting such bile.

Windows 8 Start Button Missing From Taskbar

All in all, it's not as bad as it seemed like it would be before I upgraded. KMSpico is really an amazing tool for activating Office 2013. That’s 4 actions and would be 6 or more if you had to scroll down and go deeper in the folder tree. Arash Jafari I don’t think it has anything to do with arrogance, they simply made it clear that Windows is headed towards touch.

wtf windows… im tired of this apps crap popping up too 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto SB, if you want a shortcut to appear on the Start Screen you Arash Jafari So you want to feel ahead of the technology not actually be ahead of it? If they tried to cram it on my desktop ie like when I ran mozilla's os. Change Windows 8 Start Menu To Look Like Windows 7 Windows 7 and Vista were no better.

SlyKrysis And boom goes the dynamite… Exactly what "dumb" Windows users need to realize is that the Modern UI interface IS the same old start menu they're used to, just different BECAUSE it is a pain to change habits - especially when we are stressed by just making a buck today and can be fired - not for incompetence - but just user 9693 you can't pin everything you need a hierarchical arrangement of application and a better interface to search your settings and applications not a disgusting fullscreen just to search for If you want to avoid the Windows 8 UI instead, you can disable the Charms bar and hot corners to stay fully in the desktop.

I suggest that you deploy 8.1 to a pilot group of users, give them 5min of training (or even only the default animation that we provide for first logins) and measure Windows 8 Start Menu Download Doh!!!! From that menu, you can access all of your programs and open specific folders, such as Documents, Music, and Pictures. Arash Jafari So you mean just because you fail to see the advantages of the start screen you should miss out on Everything else that’s great with Win8?

  • I think half of the people complaining about it have never used it and just read the reviews on it.
  • You are now as pointless as Windows 8.
  • So this is a very special day for me – it's my first post on AskPFEplat and it's Windows 8.1 GA ( Over the last year, I have supported dozens of
  • I don't like things because of their "cool factor" and to assume that I do is rather presumptuousness on your part.
  • I rarely ever used the start button and find that the start page is far more useful.
  • It wouldn't have been a problem had they allowed for a setting to turn it off, it was obvious touch screen devices were never going to be so prevalent!
  • First rule of business, sell the people what they want to buy.

How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8

Thank you for giving me a good laugh this morning. :) Ronald Stepp There are plenty of people who prefer it to 7. Now I just need to get a touch device for 8.1 🙂 3 years ago Reply John Remember you can use emoji in the App Group Names. Windows 8 Start Button Missing From Taskbar Ronald Stepp Which explains why Microsoft hasn't been able to make a usable tablet all these years. Windows 8 Classic Start Menu Opinionated Cat Lover Ooh, a Godwin Gambit.

Create a custom toolbar for your blog with alexa and boost your ranking! A fifth takes you to the Start screen. However, on Windows 8.1, pressing the Windows Key + X pops up a menu (or right-click the Start button) provides those options right from the desktop. I am very pleased with the configurations in 8.1! Windows 8.1 Classic Start Menu

You can also easily right-click on any left-pane item and select the delete command to remove its icon from the pane. BHZ And has that ever stopped anyone from getting any OS out there from any software maker out there? I also spend most of my work time on the desktop - like many of you - but when I login to my computer I truly prefer seeing live tiles showing weblink StartIsBack starts you off with a free 30-day trial.

And then as you drag down to pick one of the charms, sometimes (more often than not) if you go just a hair to far to the left, it closes up How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8 Like Windows 7 The search field lets you find the name of any application or file. Thank you all for taking the time to share your comments (99 so far). 3 years ago Reply Bob H "… Start Menu that spanned multiple rows of 'folders.' Navigating it

It's theirs. 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto Charlotte Wolter we appreciate your feedback.

Albert Giuiano " efficiency" is the whole problem, without the start menu a simple 1 or 2 step has turned into a a keyboard / mouse acrobatic act. If it isn't possible, please give me something written, where Microsoft explains this. Just how arrogant of an ass are you? Windows 8.1 Enable Start Menu Welcome back, everyone, to the Windows 3.0 desktop.

I just don't want to use it when I am on a desktop computer without a touch screen. The alternative is to repackage the installer to minimise the tiles created on the Windows 8 Start screen. I’ve used Windows 8 daily for more than a year starting with the Developer Preview and have seen and talked with enough people using it to know that there’s really nothing Another section lets you control the Enforce feature to control if and how Windows 8 apps open in their own resizable windows.

I would consider using Server Core if the remote administration tools didn't require Windows 8. 😉 3 years ago Reply Anon I actually want to get RID of the new start Reading these articles have helped me get up to speed much more quickly than would otherwise be the case. I don't see what people are complaining about. To make them available in your domain you will have to load the new ADMX to the Central Store from a Windows 8.1 Machine by copying C:WindowsPolicyDefinitions to \SYSVOLPolicies I highly

Looking Forward to Windows 9. Taking the Start Menu away in Server 2012 and leaving us with Metro was a bad move as well. windows 8 is still microsoft's greatest foible since vista. I find and we know this is a great debate that I still use certain modern apps even on my non touch devices such as weather and finance.

The bottom of the menu sports more features, notably a search tool. This means that you can create a pseudo-Start menu without installing any other software on Windows 8. Right-click the ViStart system tray icon and select Options if you want to configure it. And it works on Windows 8.

Source: Ask VG, ViStart In this Storystream Windows 8 Consumer Preview: features, apps, install guide, and more Nvidia's new graphics drivers are certified for Windows 8 How to: bring back the So take that into consideration when deciding whether to disable it. I have, and have had since Vista, all my most frequented apps pinned to my task bar. Also, bear in mind that Microsoft cannot possibly satisfy all its 1.5 billion users.

You can learn more through the program's detailed FAQ page. People are rejecting Windows 8 because the changes it introduces are a detriment. Other options allow you to set the default language, change the color of the Start menu, and disable all Windows 8 feature. And yes, I have this page bookmarked, in that the GPO configuration information will be quite useful for me to administer our small business customers.

Not that hard.